By using the list of "Good Faith Providers" I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. Good Faith Services has undertaken to screen each provider listed.
  2. Each provider has agreed to abide by the "Good Faith Pledge".
  3. Good Faith Services cannot guarantee or warrant in any way the services or products provided by the Good Faith Providers.
  4. Should any dispute arise, I will report the dispute to Good Faith Services by completing a "Complaint Form".
  5. Good Faith Services will notify the provider of my dispute and undertake to resolve the dispute. However, Good Faith Services cannot guarantee that a dispute will be resolved in my favor.
  6. Should a provider fail, in the sole opinion of Good Faith Services, to abide by the
    "Good Faith Pledge" , they will be removed from the list of Good Faith Providers.

I agree to these terms and conditions.